Yule Sales Rule!

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Some agents may be winding down for the holidays - but this is one of my busiest times of the year. Year after year. Why? Maybe it's because I love to zig when other agents zag.

In my experience, most agents tell their clients to take their homes off the market during the holidays and put them back on again in the spring. To that I offer a hearty "Ho, Ho, Hogwash!" The biggest problem most home sellers have had this year is too much competition. (Translation: At least 10 Homes for every 1 Shopper). But thanks to the terrible advice offered above, we often see home inventory drop about 30% between October and February. This alone dramatically increases the chance that a home on the market will be seen - and sell! A house that's been decorated for the holidays also adds a homey glow that helps buyers imagine themselves celebrating in front of the hearth. Add in the fact that January and February are the biggest months for corporate relocations and you have a holiday recipe for success.

So, let's review: Inventory down 30% or more, a fresh pool of New Year buyers, and limited time to buy, close and get settled. Put it all together and it's easy to see why I don't look forward to the holidays as a time to rest and relax. I look at it as a time to rack up sales, jump start the new year and kick some holiday ass (I'm refering to the donkey in the manger, of course). I love starting the New Year with new listings, new sales and new commission checks coming in!
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