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Carolyn Tann-Starr 2008

Mi Estrella, Jackson Heights, Queens County, New York

89-19 Roosevelt Avenue  Jackson Heights, New York 11372 (718) 429-8973

Aunt Cindy and I took our Little Minions out for an early lunch to one of our fave places to eat. Our buddy, Mr. Chang, is a partner is this really cool Asian/Latin spot off the corner of Roosevelt and 89th in Jackson Heights called Mi Estrella. It's kid friendly and family oriented in a major shopping area, so street parking may be a little tricky on the week ends (LOL). 

Mi Estrella translated from Spanish to English means "My Star."

Being a Starr, I get a lot of mileage out of silly word play when it comes to meeting my peeps at this restaurant. Diners have 147 meals to choose from inclusive of 15 Latin and 37 Asian Specialty Dishes, not to mention 21 really cool Combination Plates. They are always tweaking something, so prices and menu items may change without notice. This is a good thing because I have never been disappointed by this establishment and am always down to try a new dish, especially if my friends think it tastes good. Cindy introduced me to Mr. Chang years ago and I have been hooked on his cooking and chefs ever since (LOL). He's a good friend of the family and it is my pleasure to introduce his place to you.

On Sunday we ordered Chicken Breasts, Chicken Fried Steak, Avocado Salad, Plantains, White Rice and Pink Beans, a pot of Spanish Sausage with Yellow Rice, Italian Bread, Cake, Flan and Peach Snapple Ice Teas.

Mmm... it was a lovely afternoon filled with very tasty food. We brought extra home for the hubby who couldn't make it. The Minion Blur ate two entire plates and then promptly started in on Noah's left overs (LOL). We had quite a time keeping that kid from swiping something from everyone's plate. Stephen was on a snack-age roll and Noah was happily obsessing about the Christmas lights and tree near the entrance. He stuffed himself as well, but wasn't as greedy as Step was. I kept thinking it was nice to have adventurous kids who will try anything at least once, especially if you appear to be interested in something (LOL). I think he was in competition mode because Stephen was interested in everything yesterday and wanted to be first, so I had my hands full for the first half of the meal trying to keep him in his seat and not "help" other people eat (LOL).

The food at Mi Estrella is Spanking-A delicious and definitely gets the minion thumbs up as a place you have got to try. I get pretty excited when we make plans to meet at Mi Estrella because I always have a pleasant dining experience there (and I never go without Cindy - LOL). The staff and owners are very kind and provide wonderful service. They are very attentive and prompt with their responses to your dining needs. Next time out, we're going for Beef with Tomatoes, General Tso's Chicken, Curry Sauce Shrimps, Red Snapper, Broiled Salmon and definitely a repeat of the Avocado Salad and Spanish Sausage with Yellow Rice.

It's a real treat to be able to eat Asian and Latin dishes at the same sitting. If you are going to try it, I recommend Mi Estrella as the place to be. ;-)

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Susan Mangigian
RE/MAX Preferred, West Chester, PA, RS152252A - West Chester, PA
Chester & Delaware County Homes, Delaware and Ches

Yummy!  When I visit, we must visit Mi Estrella!

Dec 29, 2008 09:11 AM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Yes indeed, Susan. We also have to do Cocina Latina (LOL).

Dec 29, 2008 09:20 AM
Laura Watts
Positive Properties, LLC - Laurinburg, NC

C.-This is great. I love going to the Chinese Restaurant here in my town too. They smile when they see me come in. I don't have to tell them where I want to set or what I want to drink. They remember. They are very nice people as well and the food is really good. A buffet of all different kinds of food.  Glad you all had a good time..

Dec 29, 2008 10:15 AM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Laura, very cool. You shall have to take us to your fave place when we come visit you. :-)

Dec 29, 2008 11:12 AM
Laura Watts
Positive Properties, LLC - Laurinburg, NC

C. That will not be a problem. You will like it. All kinds of food.... 

Dec 29, 2008 11:53 AM
Sandy Fenton
Keller Williams NY Realty * Licensed Associate Broker - Mount Kisco, NY
ABR, ASP, CDPE, GRI -Westchester NY - Condos to Luxury Homes

I just showed my hubby your post and he is ready!  Maybe we'll come to you instead!  LOL  We are so all over the place - we had brunch yesterday at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame on Hudson in the Village yesterday.  Then I went to my all-time favorite store - American Girl (I am a sucker for those dolls!)  LOL  Horrendous traffic though . . .  Last time we go into the city between Christmas and New Year's . . .


Dec 29, 2008 12:53 PM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Poor Sandy! (LOL) Oh my word, Wednesday and Thursday should be traffic hell for us.:-)

My Pawling buddy currently has the flu, which is why we haven't gone up yet. I will let you know. He called yesterday, so we may be wandering around up there in a couple of days. I'm looking forward to checking out some eye candy from your neck of the woods. We pass the sign for your area all the time. It would be nice to pull over and hang for a while.  ;-)

Dec 29, 2008 02:01 PM
Sandy Fenton
Keller Williams NY Realty * Licensed Associate Broker - Mount Kisco, NY
ABR, ASP, CDPE, GRI -Westchester NY - Condos to Luxury Homes

I'll be waiting patiently for your call . . .;-)


Dec 29, 2008 03:18 PM
Jennifer Fivelsdal
JFIVE Home Realty LLC | 845-758-6842|162 Deer Run Rd Red Hook NY 12571 - Rhinebeck, NY
Mid Hudson Valley real estate connection

This sounds like a place that I would like.  Parents with young children are always appreciative of kid friendly restaurants.

Dec 30, 2008 04:15 PM