Where to settle down?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Trombley Real Estate

I know the title and the context are a little, well lets say not matching.

Really where do you lie you head down these days?

With a large firm that is known throughout the US and/or Internationally? or local?

One that has large monthly dues? or one that takes some of your commission?

Doing the math makes the grass greener or not?

Wow what thoughts and questions that need answers? or do they?

I know there are those that already have the answers and those still searching.

I have made a decision and I have changed to Local with the less desk fees.

I have made the change to Youngsville Realty, Inc.

It is a local company who does not have lots of agents, but could.

If others are not so excited these days about the large desk fees. Looking for more. Look no farther.


Susan Trombley


Youngsville Realty, Inc.

Cell # 919-395-2868

Email Susan@SusanTrombley.com


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