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Okay, not to scare anyone away, but have you ever wondered what can happen in an empty house when hundreds or maybe even thousands of Realtors have access to an active listing?

I was talking with a friend out in California, his name shall be Jim so as to preserve his anonymity, and he shared with my a story that just makes you wonder.

So here it goes: Jim is a very successful artist in California. He used to own a total of 3 properties in Orange County, although one has since sold, and the other is still on the market. As it goes, Jim had received a call from his neighbor that there was a consistent stream of visitors viewing his property that is currently vacant and for sale. Having called his Realtor to question the activity on the property, his Realtors response was not congruent with his neighbors observations. Having sparked Jim's interest, he decided to drop in on his property to asses his neighbors inquiry. Jim explained that as he pulled in, the gate was open, and a black Mercedes was parked in front of the home. Having a key, he made his way inside. To his amazement, on his $7500 love seat were two naked individuals doing you know what! Jim quickly made his presence known, and demanded an explanation of his findings.

The moral of this true story is, make sure you know what's happening in your house!!!!

p.s. Jim did not press charges, as he made the couple purchase his love seat...hahaha

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