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The Holidays are past us, and as I trek to my office in Falmouth, MA where I List and Sell Real Estate, ( ) I realize that although I will be working with my new calendar, meeting new customers and clients there continues to be many challenges in the business of Real Estate.

Like many business people, I am always optimistic that with a good plan and hard work, combined with an eye on the budget and adapting to the reality of the day that success is always attainable.

During the next 5 months, I will be holding seminars for First Time Home Buyers, so that information regarding the Buying process is readily available. Updates regarding new Mortgage Programs and Tax Incentives and the importance of having good Credit Scores and protecting credit will be reviewed so my future customers will be able to develop their own plan, set their own goals that will allow them to move forward and be proud Home Owners.

Opportunity abounds every day in the world of Real Estate, and when a Buyer has their financial house in order, they will be able to take advantage of these opportunities. This does not happen by just hoping things will work out. Owning anything is about "the Money", it is about understanding risk, it is about commitment, and it is about the ability to PAY BACK any money borrowed. Millions of people are able to accomplish this now, and many millions will be able to reach their goal of Home Ownership in the future.

It is my job to assist those who might be at Point "A" and want to get to Point "B".  Success for my customer directly reflects my success as a REALTOR®, and in this New Year, together we will have a good plan and work hard. Please contact me at  for my seminar schedule.





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J Perrin Cornell
Coldwell Banker Cascade Real Estate - Wenatchee, WA

I like your attitude and this post...there is business out there...we just need to plan a little and go after ti!


Dec 30, 2008 12:25 AM