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$79.95 !  Virtual Tour Promotion

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    As a VALUED customer Perfect Images is Offering You 20% off, good for any package  Virtual Tour  

Standard Tour = $100 Promotion = $79.95                                                                   Tour Gallery 

 Perfect Images Residential Virtual Tour Packages for Realtors:

  A Package:        Slideshow up to 30  stills shot by Photographer      $75.00        

                         Slideshow up to 20 stills (you provide the photos)  $39.00               

B Package:  
Standard:5- 360 spins and 10-12 stills                                       
$100.00 Now $79.95

C Package:  
1800 to 3000 SF  7- 360 spins and 12 stills
$130.00  Now $100.00  



Home should be ready for photo shoot. Second trip to finish up add $30.00 (not retake)

E Package:   Over 5000 SF 10 to 12- 360 spins and 18 to 20 stills       
$190.00 Now $150.00  
D Package:   3100 to 5000 SF  9- 360 spins and 15 stills                      
$160.00 Now $130.00  


 Perfect Images 360 ° Virtual Tours  and Photography is a locally owned and operated company in Vero Beach Florida, committed to providing the Treasure Coast with the best customer service, quality and dependability when it comes to your real estate photography and virtual tour needs. We specialize in Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Businesses and Panaramic Views. We produce professional photography for realtors and businesses, as well as Weddings and Special Occasions



Some Facts
  • The daily cost for print advertising varies between $66 and $150 per day and has a shelf life averaging around 30 days. Print advertising has a limited market penetration based on your distribution and does not allow the consumer to interact or engage with the advertisement. While the cost of a virtual tour averages around 27 CENTS per day. With a shelf life of 365 days and WORLDWIDE penetration the cost to interact with your client is MUCH less.
  • As of August 2006, over half of American adult Internet users (57%) have taken virtual tours of another location online. (2006 Pew Internet & American Life Study)
  For more facts click here 


Perfect Images Virtual Tours  
  • Save you Time and Money
    Our tours help eliminate repetitious showings, non-qualified buyers and travel costs.
  • Better Looking
    Each 360 degree image is optimized with our special software to maintain superior picture quality. Tours look natural, not warped or distorted.
  • Lightweight and Portable
    Our tours are small enough to send via e-mail and are narrow-band friendly. The Tour-To-Go feature allows viewers to download tours right to the desktop, which can then be burned to CD.
  • Interactive
    Viewers choose what rooms they want to see and at their own leisure.
  • Intuitive
    Text description and Hot Spots help viewers naturally understand how to walk through a tour.

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images

Three easy ways to place your orders with us:

  1. Use our Website at www.360perfectimages.com
  2. By telephone: 772-559-2364 or 772-532-9877
  3. By Email to: 360perfectimages@gmail.com

Please make all checks payable to Perfect Images Claudia: 772-559-2364 / Ivan: 772-532-9877
Email: 360perfectimages@gmail.com

Save 20% On any Perfect Images Virtual Tour Package  
Offer Expires: 1/31/09                                                Panorama

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Sounds like a good price.  Have a happy and healthy 2009.

Jan 06, 2009 01:48 AM