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Living the Florida Lifestyle  Hello to my fellow ActiveRainers as well as any other people who read this.  As a Realtor in Brevard County which is on the east coast of Florida, within a 45 minute drive of Orlando, I have seen our home prices shoot up like rockets and now fizzle out like a dead firecracker!

I know many people have been hurt by the economy and the stock market and their retirement accounts.  This has put buying a home in Florida on the back burner or maybe even cancelling the idea altogether.

What I find sad is that I see people whose goal was to finally, one day retire in Florida or even just move there because the weather is idyllic, having to toss their hopes in the air.  For those people I say, where can you buy a home for under $200,000 that is bright, open, with a pool, made of concrete block and many other wonderful details?  In Florida of course.  We are operating on home prices back now as far as 2000.  Even if prices decline slightly more, an investment now is a giant leap for anyone wanting to make that move to Florida.

I am a NJ girl for most of my life, then moved to Cape Cod, MA and finally, in 2003 made the move the Florida and I just love it.  I read the blogs about how home owners in the north who are trying to sell must contend with removing any ice or snow so they negate getting sued!  You won't have to do that in Florida.  Nor do you have to worry about slipping on the ice if you enjoy walking your dog.  Nor do you have to worry about skidding into the car in front of you due to the black ice.  Those are just some of the things that have made my life living in Florida "My Dream Come True".

So, if you are one of the lucky and wise ones who still have money to invest, do it now and call me to assist you.  You won't be disappointed.

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