33 Ways To Sell Your Home Fast - Part I

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Helpful Hints on Marketing and Selling Your Home

Tip #1: Make a checklist

Make a checklist to review any time a Realtor is bringing someone in to look at your home. Nothing fancy, just something to remind you to do all the little preparatory tricks on this list.


Tip #2: First impressions

First impressions are always critical, and your driveway is one of the first things a buyer will see. Here's a quick tip that may be the solution for your cement driveway: Try Drano or any high-powered liquid drain cleaner and sweep those oil stains away! Please use caution and read all manufacturers' warnings before you begin this task.


Tip #3: Replace the garage door

The garage door is one of the largest, most visible elements of a home. If you want to instantly enhance the overall look of your home's exterior and increase its value, replace your garage door before listing your house. After all, what's the use of a clean, organized garage if the door itself is warped, cracked, broken, or in need of painting?


Tip #4: Paint front door and entry way

A fresh coat of paint will always help sell the house faster, but if you can't afford it, try this instead: paint the front door and, if needed, the entry area around the front door. If you don't have any matching paint around to use, see if there is a plate fixture or some other item you can remove. Then take a chip of that paint store to obtain a paint color that matches.


Tip #5: Bake cookies


Keep a package of ready-made cookie dough on hand. Pop a few cookies in the oven just when a hot prospect is expected to arrive to view the home. The smell of freshly baked cookies will conjure up a lot of great memories! Try to trigger emotions that will work toward the sale of your house. Not to mention, they'll love the treat!


Tip #6: That makes good scents

If you don't have any cookies to pop in the oven to fill the house with a pleasant aroma, spray a little vanilla air freshener. This particular scent has a great impact. Potpourri around the house is a good idea, too. Remember, we're trying to appeal to as many senses as possible.


Tip #7: Clean the carpets

When you are ready to list your home, it's always a good idea to have the carpets cleaned. A clean home will always sell faster, and you should accentuate the fact that you take care of your home. Leave a few pairs of shoes just inside the front door to imply that you are meticulous about the appearance of your house.


Tip #8: Paint walls a neutral color

If your home is decorated in dark or unusual colors, you're going to scare off a lot of potential buyers. It will be worth your while to paint your walls a neutral color, such as off-white. If you're not up to painting your entire house, at least paint the areas that make the biggest impression, such as the entry/foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom.


Tip #9: Clean or paint appliances

Appliances should be clean at all times. If your kitchen appliances have broken knobs, replace them. If your stove is green, your dishwasher is gold, and the trash compactor is black, have a professional come in and paint them one matching neutral color. This is much less expensive than buying all new appliances, and it will add dramatically to the "salability" of your kitchen.


Tip #10: Polish fixtures

Polish all fixtures, brass, chrome, glass, etc. with a high polish.  This will add a sparkle to your home.


Tip #11: Buy some new furnishings

Now is the best time to replace old, worn-out items with something new. Use your best judgment as to which items will actually make your current house look better to a prospective buyer.


Stay tuned for tips 12-22

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