How do you market yourself online...creatively?

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Hello everyone! I have learned so many great things from reading the many posts here on ActiveRain. Since these forums are chock full of great ideas and examples, I thought I would solicit for some additional creative ideas where the experts are! I am currently compiling information for some educational materials I am putting together on creative ways to market your listings online. We all know online listings with multiple photos are viewed more often by consumers. We have seen the expansion of video tours of homes, especially those presented on sites such as YouTube. But what do you do to market your listings differently to attract more visibility?  How do you make your listings and your business stand out online, utilizing the various technology tools out there? What can a newer Agent, or one who is more reluctant to utilize technology, do to get better visibility for themselves and their listings? 

Feel free to reply back to this post, or email me directly. Thank you everyone for your input, and I will be sure to post my end product up for you to see.



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