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Tis' the season to Recycle your Tree before all the needles Fall la la' all over your floor. Christmas Tree Recycling is an important part of a responsible Christmas, and with locations all over the country to recycle your tree, it shouldn't be that hard to be green, even after your tree has started to turn brown, this year. has some useful and interesting facts about recycling Christmas trees like: "There are about 500,000 acres in production for growing Christmas trees. Each acre provides the daily oxygen requirements of 18 people." By my calculations that is enough to meet the daily oxygen needs of 9 million people! Amazing fact, I know, just don't hyperventilate or the # will go down :) You can read all the Christmas tree facts on the website @

Finding recycling locations for Christmas trees and most other recyclables is easy with's recycle search tool. It is available on the TreeCycling page listed above, and also on their home page (right on the top of the page, green search box) Just start typing what you want to recycle and it will pop up suggestions, select on the right one and then enter your location in the next box and hit "Go". It will give you the locations listed in your area.'s tool doesn't have all locations listed (Like in Utah for example), so if one doesn't come up close to you, I would suggest contacting your City or your local Yard Waste facility to find out where to take them. Some areas even have a curb side pickup on certain days, again, I would check with your city to find out more. You can also search online for your states "Recycling Coalition" or search for "Yard Waste" locations in your area. For example, in South Utah County  has information and locations for yard waste, and locations where you can drop off Christmas trees. It doesn't list winter hours on their website, but when calling their phone # it says they are open in winter on Friday 8-6 and Saturday from 8-5. I would just call to verify the winter hours, if they are not listed in your area.


In Utah you can find Christmas tree recycling information at these locations:

Cache County:

• Environmental Department: (435) 716-9755

Davis County:

• Bountiful Landfill (801) 298-1883

• Wasatch Energy Systems Layton Area (801) 614-5600

Salt Lake County

• Salt Lake County Recycling Hotline is (801) 874-6902

Summit County:

• Basin Area (435) 615-3970

• Park City (residents only) (435) 615-5301

Tooele County:

• Landfill (435) 843-4785

Utah County:

• Provo Public Services (801) 852-6714

Weber County:

• Weber Compost Facility (801) 726-8212

• North Ogden Public Works (801) 782-8111

• Ogden (801) 629-8271


Merry Recycling and a Happy New Year!!!

 Christmas Tree Recycling



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