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Please stop by for a drink and take down my Christmas decorations while u are at it.

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I feel stuffed and disheveled and I think my house is looking the same.  Would someone please come to my house and remove my Christmas decorations.  I am so tired of the tree and I just don't have the energy to take the sucker down.  thank goodness I won this year and we got a small one, 10 feet.  With teenagers they have a lot of initial enthusiasm when purchasing the tree but loose all steam when it comes time to deocrate it and then undecorate.  I tried making hot chocolate and pop corn - I just ate it and drank it myself.


Janice MacMillan
ERA Joyner Realty - Valdosta, GA
Associate Broker

Oh Edie....I feel for ya. Our tree always goes up 2 weeks before Christmas and comes down the day after. One year I even had it down Christmas evening. I get tired of looking at it as well as cleaning up the pine needles off the carpet. If I was closer I would come help ya out.

Jan 07, 2009 10:15 AM