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Cutting Down Trees, Making Your Own Maine Log Cabin From Stratch From Your Land.

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Daniel Boone did it..can you?

Could you live off grid, without all the extras from electric can openers to maine moose, maine outdoor livingdishwashers? Grow your own produce and meat? Live truely green, without much of a carbon foot print? Composting toilet, soft rain water collected and stored or drawing water from a hand dug well or stream? Hard honest work..that would make you the healthiest you've ever been from physical labor and a diet without hormones or pesticides. Cutting, splitting, stacking four cords to heat the log cabin you built yourself. Sure it took alot of time, and the next home would be better from mistakes learned along the way.  But think of the self enpowerment from the life experience.  We had folks do just this as an option to show kids something other than the hussle bussle of high traffic urban areas.  Are you up for joining a local food coop, selling produce at a farmers market, learning more about canning and preserving, solar energy and homesteading survival? website, maine real estate broker, andrew mooers, mooers realtyIn Maine, it is estimated that over 1000 residences are off grid and growing. And it does not have to be stark, pot auger hand to mouth existence either..just sometimes subtle adjustments. Learn all kinds of how to's and explore what Maine solar living is all about.

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