Your Time Is Up!

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I doubt I'm the only one who's glad to see time run out on 2008. But don't be too quick to forget it, my friend, or this year could be just like the last. Perhaps the best thing we could do over the next few days would be to reflect on the last few months; to revisit all the things we did (both right and wrong) and identify opportunities to do things better.

First, let's make a plan. Let's make it a NEW plan. A new, written, professional, business plan. I know so many agents who say they have one - but they really don't. Or they still use the same one from five years ago. Don't be one of those agents. The market changes every year and so should your business plan. It doesn't have to be some 30-page detailed manifesto with tabs and graphs and charts. It can consist of just two or three simple strategies to generate new business. Just concentrate on what you truly believe will make you money, set some specific sales goals and resolve to maximize your time.

In a tough market (or any market, for that matter) there are always areas that are thriving. As I sit down to write this little rant, Foreclosures and Short Sales are huge. But they also take time and some unique skills to execute effectively. So, lately I've focused on Expired Listings and found them to be an amazing source of immediate new business.
And if I can do it, so can you.

Think about it: Some other agent has already invested all the effort, done all the dirty work and incurred all the brain damage of prepping and carrying an overpriced listing - just to hear the owner say "Your time is up." Then you walk in as their knight in shining armor and show them how to fight the good fight. Sellers love to hear the reasons they should keep their home on the market instead of taking it off. They also love to hear about our detailed marketing plan and all the tracking we have for the marketing we do. Best of all, these sellers are generally more motivated to cooperate and more willing to price their homes aggressively.

There are hundreds of Expireds in every market and I have no problem calling them all. In fact, I utilize an expired listing program that does all the work for me. So, I just make the calls - every day - before I do anything else. I know I can do them a favor by listing their home and know I have the tools that demonstrate that expertise. I have a great listing presentation, a personalized marketing plan and a commitment to communicate with them every step of the way. In other words, all things their previous agent didn't have. And since most of these sellers will become buyers once they sell, it's a two-way technique for boosting your income.

So, if you're digging for new opportunities in 2009, Expired Listings are a gold mine. Just get a system and rhythm going, stick to your system and, before you know it, you'll become unstoppable. Happy New Year!

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