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Happy New Year!

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Well, the Christmas and Holiday Season is a special time for each and every one of us to reflect upon what has transpired over the past year in all facets of our lives.  You know, the foreclosures, the loss of jobs, etc.

Our business certainly was a huge part of it, but soooo much more should be considered which is much more valuable, such as our family and friends.

As December 2008 comes to a close, we all know one thing for sure; this has been an excruciatingly tough year for everyone.  It has been a huge test of courage, endurance and resiliience right across the continent.  It takes great strength to overcome these challenges along with a well-focused positive mindset. 

Well, we're all still here smiling and reading others blog posts and posting comments of our own which has helped us all to survive and "pull through" and we are all stronger, better and more willing to provide that extra customer service that seemed to get lost a couple of years ago.  We have gotten smarter too, letting sellers know when prices are unrealistic, helping buyers obtain first time financing and really bringing our best foot forward!

Let's hope the new year will bring peace, prosperity, and despite all present market conditions, we will overcome all of it together, arm in arm, and rise to the top triumphantly.  My goal for the upcoming year is "Everything will be fine in 2009!"  What's yours?

I wish you and yours the very best of everything in 2009!

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Hi Great post!

Very True Indeed!

Just wanted to touch base... Happy New Year!

We all are going to shoot for the stars this new year!!

Cheers to a prosporous new year!! 

I am going to make it my best year ever!  Let's all get this economy out of the slump!


Tom Davis

Jan 03, 2010 03:39 PM