Top 10 reasons why it is better to work with "Non Bank Qualified Buyer" then a "Qualify Buyer".

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10. He/she are not picky buyers
 9. They cant go to your competition (your competition don't know what to do with them)
 8. Your business will increase by about 30%
 7. You can show them houses that are not on the market and still make money.
 6. Problem credit buyers accept that they have to choose from a more limited number of properties.
 5. A zero down option with 100% financing may also be available for your buyers.
 4. No closing cost option may also be available
 3. Homeowners and builders will love you by being creative and solving their problem with a problem    buyer.
 2. You're not only working for the money, you are also doing a great did.
 1. Me or one of our 250 credit partners will take the mortgage loan for your "Non Bank Qualified Buyer"

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