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St. Marys and Kingsland GA Homes – How to Transform a Housing Slump into Your Financial Gain

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Real estate downturns in our economy typically reflect slow sales and nervous consumers.  This is the case throughout the country and St. Marys and Kingsland, Georgia are experiencing the same impact on local homes for sale.  So how can you safely take advantage of this market?

Interest rates are rock bottom and prices have declined tremendously.  Most people realize this is a home buying opportunity but they are concerned about making a large home purchase in these troubling times.  Again, how can you take advantage of this market?

If you are in the market to buy a home and live in it for a few years then you are in an excellent position.  Of course the advantage of the Internet allows you to safely search for St. Marys and Kingsland GA Homes without having to make the "big" home buying decision.  But then, how can you be confident enough in this market to take advantage of market conditions and actually buy a home?

There are two very important items that you have complete control over as a home buyer in any real estate market.  This includes a St. Marys or Kingsland, GA home purchase!!  This short article will provide you the "why" of it and you can review my Kingsland GA Homes For Sale website for the step-by-step "how" of it all.

The first thing you have complete control over is the negotiations for the home you decide to buy.  You have absolute control over the way you process through the negotiations.  It is very important to put emotions "in check" and evaluate the home thoroughly.  This may sound like common sense but the excitement of buying a home can harm a home buyer causing them to purchase their dream home completely on emotion.  A less emotional negotiation will grant you the best terms and price, creating a bargain purchase - a deal you are confident about even in our current real estate conditions.

When you, as the Georgia home buyer, get great terms at the point of negotiation you establish the beginning point for your profit (or loss).  When you sell your home in three, five or ten years you have no control or idea what the Georgia real estate market will look like years from now.  Seek out a professional real estate investor and ask them: "When do you determine the money you make in a real estate transaction?"  Genuine, successful real estate investors will tell you they make their money based on the terms of the purchase.  Based on that truth you will find that our current real estate market is a great opportunity to buy a home and to do it confidently.

The second item you have control over is the choice of real estate agent you work with.  This item is discussed secondly because that's the order many home buyers fall into.  They find the home, then call the listing agent and use that agent's services to guide the purchase process.  The problem with that chain of events is that the "listing agent" represents the home seller and will keep momentum and emotion alive in the transaction.  By taking control of the process, the listing agent can ensure the seller gets the best terms and price (which is their legal obligation under agency law).

For you to ensure you have the best opportunity to transform our housing slump into your financial gain you should reverse these two items.  Research, interview, and select your Georgia real estate agent first.  Then allow that real estate agent you personally, consciously selected, represent you in the St. Marys or Kingsland home purchase.  They can represent you and your financial interests in the home buying process.  Plus, as they work with you to find your dream home, they can help you keep your emotions completely in check.  Once you find the Georgia home you want to purchase they can be your advocate both financially and emotionally, allowing you to make a savvy investment at the point of purchase.

Of course many real estate agents work with buyers as the home buyers "transaction agent" versus a complete, contractual "exclusive buyer's broker" but I'll save that discussion for my next post.



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