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Welcome to the HIGH-NET-WORTH mortgage note referral program. This is where you can earn money just for helping someone sell their future payments (privately held mortgage note, business note or trust deed and land contract Today!).

WHAT DO WE DO? HIGH-NET-WORTH assists people in the selling of their privately held mortgage note and other future payments. Our goal is to get our clients the absolute top dollar available for their particular income stream. But, because this industry is so new, most people do not know or understand the services now available to them.

 HIGH-NET-WORTH is working hard to get the word out about this exciting industry. To help us do that, we offer a cash flow referral incentive program. If you know someone who is holding an note but needs money now, please refer them to us. Our simple "Free Quote" form will get them started. Just be sure they provide your information as the referring party.

Or, simply fill out the short Referral Form at http://www.renotenetworth.com/ . We will contact your referral and give you the credit.

When your referral turns into a closed deal we will send you $1,000.00 dollars - EVERY TIME!

You'll feel great about helping out your friend, relative, coworker or business associate -- and, put some extra cash in your pocket too! It's WIN / WIN all around!


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