Expired Listing? Turn it over to Property Management, Earn a $400 Referral and a Future Sales Lead!

Property Manager with Investors Choice Property Management CAL BRE LIC# 01124954

Investors Choice Property Management (ICPM) is a small, service-based property management company serving the greater Sacramento area, as well as Folsom, Natomas, Elk Grove, Lincoln and Rocklin. Our business is 95% referral based, we do NO Sales, and property management is our only business.

With a phone call, email or fax, you can refer your client for services they will thank you for, earn a $400 referral fee, and develop a supply of future sales leads. because we do NO Sales, we will gladly refer your clients back to you should they express a desire to buy or sell at any point in the future.

Your referred clients will enjoy our personalized approach to property management, which emphasizes custom service over unchecked growth. While other companies strive to grow at any cost (often sacrificing customer service), ICPM remains focused and effective for our clients' benefit.

We charge NO Markup on Repairs. Clients may choose to use their own vendors or ours to service their property's maintenance needs. Many companies charge significant markups on maintenance, anywhere from 10-20% in some cases. These costs (often hidden) can make the difference between an investment property breaking even versus becoming a "money pit". In some cases, the enormous profits made on the maintenance end of management actually outweigh the monthly management fees.

If you or someone you know has an investment property in need of expert care, we'd appreciate your referral. All properties are personally managed by a licensed Broker that stays involved with every aspect of property management.


To all of you that made our success possible, a sincere thank you for your support. We look forward to an amazing 2009, despite all media outlet reports to the contrary.


Investors Choice Property Management (ICPM) manages 105 single-family units with the care and diligence our Landlord clients deserve, in a manner that has them referring their friends, co-workers and family members. With over 16 years professional property management experience, our business is 95% word-of-mouth referral, we do NO Sales, and pay among the highest referral fees in the industry for management accounts. Visit our website at www.investorschoicepm.com today for more details, and find out what we mean when we say:

“Experience Property Management the Way it Should Be.”

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Providence, RI

Thomas, great business idea. Are you openning any franchise in RI?:-)

Jan 02, 2009 04:58 AM
Thomas R. Martin Broker/Owner ICPM
Investors Choice Property Management - Sacramento, CA
Property Management the way it SHOULD be.

I grew up back east (MI), but I have to say I do not miss the freezing winters and humid summers. CA has it's challenges (higher prices, taxes, more taxes, still more taxes). We pay a LOT for good weather.


I think we are in Northern CA to stay.

Jan 02, 2009 07:46 AM