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housing getting more expensive ??

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one must also take into consideration that if the experts are correct and interest rates do continue to rise trough summer and into the end of 2009, then, ...

No matter how you cut it, even if home price remain level or even decline slightly, the actual cost of the home is rising. (Please see Home Prices down Price you pay is Up)

Again, how you finance your home can be as important as the price you pay.

The price of money is steadily rising. If we have hit a bottom in real estate prices, then the cost of your home is going up. Period!

If you are in the market to buy and believe that the market has neared a bottom in Phoenix or Scottsdale or Fountain Hills or any town in your area;

If you find a home that is a good value for you and your family that offers you a place to live, favorable tax treatment and you can lock in an affordable 30-year or 15 year fixed monthly mortgage payment , then consider making an offer on that home you have been watching.