Great Deals for Wine Enthusiasts on the North Fork: Beat the crowds and come over while the season's slow.

Managing Real Estate Broker with Town and Country Real Estate of the North Fork


North Fork Wine Country has great deals to offer in this weak economy; most vineyards are slow during the off season, and even more so now. When I drive by the vineyards I see sales and discounted wines, and some of the vineyards now have sales in  their shops as well. Beat the crowds and visit the vineyards! Also the B&Bs have specials you can enjoy.

And once you are here, you may find Real Estate on sale... your chance to get in and look around, let us help you! Call Nicholas or JOan at 631 298 4646 or visit for more info on Real Estate, on the Vineyards or on visiting the North Fork!

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Joan H. Bischoff van Heemskerck, Managing Director, North Fork and Shelter Island, Town & Country real estate Tel 631 948 0234 or

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