Land in Arkansas with Mineral rights, still a good Investment...

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They are doing seismic testing without stop, drilling new wells, leasing unleased mineral rights, running new gas pipes.  I feel this is the best thing we have going right now.  Other than Walmart Murphy U.S.A., rental properties and a few other investments.  Does your city have a lot of rentals vacant?  The Real Estate Market has slowed a bit since June 2008, but we are seeing quite a few buyers just now, or late December.  People moving here with XTO, People moving in from Chicago, IL, California, etc.  The ones coming in from Texas and Oklahoma are most all Oil and Gas folks. 

We of course are hoping for a strong Real Estate Market this Spring.  Our office is just over a year old and we finished #3 in our board.  I personally finished only 4th out of about 175.  Hope to see what it feels like being #1 next year, personally and office. 

Do you think 4.4 million in sales is a good year, as an agent?  What about an office?  I bet there are parts of the Country that do those numbers in just 1 month.   Wow, I would probably drive a H2 or 3 at work and a Corvette (not older than 10 years) on trips with my wife. 

We drive down a mountain every morning to get in to town overlooking Greers Ferry Lake, what a beautiful part of the country.  I grew up in Danville, IL where you could see a tree 15 miles away, as kids, we thought  the earth was flat.

Gotta go for now.  Hope ya'll have a great day.  Critics go to

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Teresa Smith
Coldwell Banker Premier Realty - Clarksville, AR

Hi Larry,

You mean there are still parcels of land in AR that still have mineral I actually have a 1300 acre m/l for sale and the owners still have the mineral rights...they don't want to let them go however, which makes the sale of the land more difficult!

I am from Clarksville AR and it is funny when clients come in from out of state and wonder why "all your land out here have gas wells on them..that just ruins the land." I guess if you're getting those royalty checks it's good, if you're not, you just have to put up with the noise.  Anyway, just wanted to say Congrats on your rankings! 4.4 is a good year, especially for this area. I did 3.5 and that was 5th in the county...we were down in volume but still had a pretty good year. This is only my 2nd year so I've been told by other agents that I got in RE at a bad time...I think we'll do well in 2009! Keep up the good work and you'll see your office jump into the top place. Go for #1! btw, You're right, Greers Ferry is one of beautiful areas in AR.

Jan 07, 2009 02:43 PM
From: Larry

To Teresa,

there are about 13 properties that mineral rights convey with.  all are non-producing for now.  Cleburne County will see a huge jump in drilling this year with XTO moving in as we speak.  I believe land will be for sale with mineral rights all the way up until all sections are drilled and producing.  Then I feel we will see a resting time.   After that these 3rd generation families will sell because of not saving for taxes.  But will sell producing land for less than what non-producing land is going for now.  Watch Cleburne County this year.  All rentals will be rented, commercial buildings will line the highways.  Roads will be tore up.  unemployment down to 2%, water and air quality decline. 

Get Listings, this will be much more important in 09 than it was in 08.  Last year was operation find buyer.  This year, all of the offices that focused only on listings, well, all their sellers are mad at them and tired of waiting.  2nd mouse willtake the cheese in 09, (thanks boyd).   WORK them EXPIREDS.  List anything and everything. 

Congrats on your year!  You must be quite an agent. 

Better Document conversations this year, especially when there are partners involved, never think that you have built a good relationship with a client that it will stay the same if they take a partner on for a deal or two, keep better track of mileage, be positive! 

You are the Best in your Market area!

P.S.  I need 30 acres near Birdtown

Jan 08, 2009 05:54 AM