2009 Early to bed, Early to Rise, Work your tail off, and Advertise? Motivation for Us. please read

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I got a few ideas:

Early to bed, Early to rise, Work your tail off and Advertise!

stole that from Mr Turner's Interview at USC

but isn't it true. 

Car must be at office when possible, your community is watching you, they want to see your car at office, they want to see your signs on their way to and fro.  Listings breed Listings.  What sets you apart from others?  Talking with younger person about getting in to Real Estate:  they said, sounds like you have to have an ego.  Never good on the spot, after a few hours of thinking about our conversation' I realized what has worked for me:  If you do not think you are better than other agents, turn off your phone and stay in the bed.  You are the Best!  You are a Realtor now!  Get to work.  When was the last time you worked expireds?  Remember cold calling back in the 80's.

Everyone can not be the boss.  and doesn't that stink for new agents.  You are an Independant Contractor.  You want to make more money-Sell more properties.  You want a better commission split, earn it, or pay for it.  Some offices, the more you pay, the more you make.  Do you not have enough Faith that you will sell?  then turn off your phone and go back to bed.

Remember Expect the Best back in the 80's

You are the Best

Your clients are getting the Best when they call you

Stop fumbling around, watch what you take in-that will surely want to come back out. 

A couple of years ago I heard that you must hang around people that you want to be like.  Came back home and told some of my acquaintances I couldn't hang around them any more.  Join Rotary  

Its 2009, lose some of those extra pounds, smoke less, drink less, exercise, and get out there and go door to door.  You know that agent that sold more than anybody in your board in 2008, work there neighborhoods.  If you were to get 2 of their deals, now wouldn't that help your numbers. 

Quit goofing off in the office.  Office time is time to be efficient.  all of your tools are there and the distractions of home are not.   Do you really have time for lunch unless your client that you are showing is hungry, even then, should you be making any calls why your client eats, you got snacks to hold you over.

Make your family even more proud of you in '09  You are the Best in your Market!  Be Blessed.


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