RE: Lead Street. What changes to your website have helprd you the most?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with KELLER WILLIAMS Realty AB061980

Hello, I am in Arkansas and wonder if someone will be willing to share with me what I can do to make my web appearance stronger.  Lets face it, We are the Best Realtors in the business.  We need to take some of the business from other companies.  Web presence seems to be key. 

Do you have to be the owner of the franchise in order to get good leads.  I understand I need to stay in my little box and take what I get.  But not willing to sell less than other agents in office.  I must sell the most.  I did in 08, but what can I do to stay ahead of all the curves.  What can you help me do better?

Can you help me at all.   Sure, there are going to be a few things that you could see right away when you look at my website, but will you give up, before you check out all my tools that I am using or not using?

Do I need to spend more money and get some kind of upgrade?  For now I do not sell outside of Arkansas.  So you will probably be more help if you are in another state.  or at least market area.

Please share if you have time.  My family appreciates your help.

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