2 Days left to show off your site!

Real Estate Agent with Ekday Realty - Opening Dec 2007

I posted last night about a new site I'll be launching on May 1st, but I posted it late. This is another reminder that you have 2 days to submit your site for review to be considered on the new POSH site. 


Here's a peak!


I have 9 spots left for the release. Here are the benefits of being featured on POSH:

  1. Increase in traffic to your site
  2. A link from an external page, to your site (helps with SEO). I predict a high google page rank on this site shortly after launch, so it will be a very good link.
  3. If featured, you can copy the code to add a POSH'd symbol to your site, showing you are in the elite group of Realtors with outstanding websites
  4. Can be used in your listing agreement. "We will list your house on our site, which has been featured on POSHRealtorSites

There are probably other benefits I'm not thinking of at the moment, but you get the point.


So, show me your pride by submitting a link to your site to shaun76 @ gmail.com.

If your site is approved, I will send you a link on the day of the launch.


Thanks, and good luck!


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