Anal Warts, Real Estate, and How I Won $50

Real Estate Agent with Ekday Realty - Opening Dec 2007

If you've made it past the title, you'll realize you're reading this for a good cause. Before I get too far, let me explain why I'm discussing Anal Warts and real estate in the same sentence. If you read the post from our companion Marcus Burke, he discusses using creative keywords to achieve higher search results in Google. It's a clever post about a popular subject (no, not anal warts).  He throws down the gaunlet near the end by offering $50 to, "whoever has the highest ranking Active Rain blog on Google for the terms

real estate


anal warts."

 So there's the explanation. So what will I do with the dirty $50? I think I will donate it to the North Shore Animal League. How's that for turning anal warts and real estate into lemonade? (gross)


Let's have a serious discussion!

anal warts cream for real estate




 Wikipedia describes anal warts as, "a highly contagious sexually transmitted infection. Caused by some sub-types of human papillomavirus (HPV) anal warts are spread through direct skin-to-skin contact during certain types of sex with an infected partner." That's about as far as I can go on the topic of anal warts.


real estate for anal warts and real estate


Real Estate 

Wikipedia has a MUCH nicer definition for real estate, and here it is: Real estate or immovable property is a legal term (in some jurisdictions) that encompasses land along with anything permanently affixed to the land, such as buildings. Real estate (immovable property) is often considered synonymous with real property (also sometimes called realty), in contrast with personal property (also sometimes called chattel or personalty). However, for technical purposes, some people prefer to distinguish real estate, referring to the land and fixtures themselves, from real property, referring to ownership rights over real estate.

The terms real estate and real property are used primarily in common law, while civil law jurisdictions refer instead to immovable property.

In law, the word real means relating to a thing (from Latin res/rei, thing), as distinguished from a person. Thus the law broadly distinguishes between [real property] (land and anything affixed to it) and [personal property] (everything else, e.g., clothing, furniture, money). The conceptual difference was between immovable property, which would transfer title along with the land, and movable property, which a person would retain title to. (The word is not derived from the notion of land having historically been "royal" property. The word royal — and its Castilian cognate real — come from the related Latin word rex-regis, meaning king.)" 


Anal Warts and Real Estate

 If you've made it this far, God bless you - you are doing your civil duty of helping a few animals in serious need (is that really a civil duty?). As you can see from above, anal warts and real estate don't have a huge amount of things in common. Here are a few things they DO have in common:

  • anal warts and real estate have ALMOST the same amount of letters
  • Doctors look at anal warts, and doctors look at real estate
  • you sit on anal warts, and the space you sit on IS real estate
  • anal warts take up real estate on the body
  • you pay to have someone help get rid of your real estate (house) when you move, and you pay someone to get rid of your anal warts
  • anal warts and real estate come in different shapes, sizes, and colors
  • with real estate, someone might say, I want a view. With anal warts, the "owner" says, Doc, please have a view.


Please take this post for what it is. The web is an amazing way to share information, and web 2.0 is all about meshing different parts together for a better experience. Marcus' post is a great read (figures he's also out of Orlando), and like I said, if I win the $50 from his twisted game, it'll go to a good place. Now, come on Google, and cache this page!!!


Comments (3)

Marc Burke
Condo Metropolis LLC - Orlando, FL

Well I don't know how you did it, but you did! Last night at one hour before midnight, you were number #2 and the #1 spot went to that Project Blogger person, what'shername - lord knows how, I'd left her a comment about the original post, and she now has a bezillion links I guess that's why... so I'd already started writing a post in my mind about how this proves that links are more important than content, since I figured she'd won. I didn't stay up until midnight so I can't say for sure what happened at the witching hour but this morning, sure enough, you're at the top of the anal wart tree! Nice job - and in the nick of time. I'm very very proud. (My original post is now nowhere to be found.)

Well I'll paypal over the cash and you can buy a year's supply of Preparation H - or donate it to that charity of yours. On a (temporary) serious note, I do think you should write a blog on how you won it, what factors caused you to win and how it all this nonsense relates to the serious side of SEO.

 I'm glad it went to another Orlando-er. We should get coffee some day and talk SEO!

May 01, 2007 04:49 AM
Kaye Thomas
Real Estate West - Manhattan Beach, CA
e-PRO, Manhattan Beach CA

This is so clever and very very funny.. and obviously a real money maker..

May 03, 2007 02:02 PM
Michael M

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May 08, 2007 02:52 AM