January 2009 Newsletter

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New Year, New Hope  Interest rates for January remain lower. With the implementation of the Federal Reserve $500 Billion Dollar plan, many believe that the decline in interest rates will continue and that should stimulate the housing market by making purchases more affordable. This should keep mortgage rates attractive for the new future within conforming limits (at least). Applications for purchase money were up for December. 

Your buyers say they are waiting for lower interest Rates? One of our lenders is offering 90 day locks from the time of registration of the loan with also offering a program for a one time float down in rates for  an additional charge. Encourage them to shop now and have an edge if interest rates do continue to drop. Please check with Ron for complete details 

Residential Selling Blues? Step out side of the box, There are many opportunities in commercial real estate sales. Money is available for purchases or commercial property at as low as 6% up to $500,000. 

Conforming Loan Limits The new  conforming loan is $625,500. Again this will be broken down into  two tiers with up to $417,000 and from $417,000-$625,000 will be considered Jumbo Conforming. Anything over that $625,500 threshold will be considered Jumbo (non conforming). 

Multi Family Homes:The conforming limit for two family homes is $800,775.00 and $967,950 for three family homes.

· Interest Rates Outlook: Very  Favorable

· Refinancing Outlook : Very Favorable

· Up to 95% financing on Conforming loans

· Up 75% for Stated Income, Verified Asset Loans 

 Prices of homes in New York State Remain Stable       , according to the New York State Association of Realtors , December 31,2008, the selling prices of homes, in New York, have         remained stable for September October and November  

Deal dying a slow death because of financing?All banks are not equal in policy and interest rates. If you have a deal that is dying with a willing buyer, please have them call. While we can not promise miracles, We have the ability to place loans at many of the leading lending institutions, Let us find the bank that best fits your buyer's financial profile. There are no Application Fees! One Appraisal is all that that is necessary. Avoid the expense of applying at different lending institutions 

Make your Broker Open Houses More Attractive? . Call for availability  for  sponsorship of  first time  Broker Open Houses and  public houses. Carefully designed literature printed in Color all  Events


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