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What GreatWest Real Estate Professionals Know

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GreatWest GMAC Real Estate professionals know there hasn't been a buying opportunity in the housing market like what we are currently experiencing in a very long time.

We also know many folks interested in buying a home are somewhat cash strapped for cash to use as a down payment, or closing costs.  High gas prices, and the increases in food costs are not helping efforts to put extra cash aside for obtaining the dream of home ownership.

However, there are some things you can do today, which can aid you in your ability to remedy that.

Summer is the time of year most families are planning vacations.  There are some really cool ways you can save significant amounts of money that can be diverted to that "down payment fund" on a home.

For an example, if you are a family of 4, planning on flying somewhere, consider driving instead.

Recent comparison pricing for a trip to San Diego from Sacramento, round-trip flight was over $200.00 per person ($800 for the family).

Compare a rental car instead, and it soon becomes clear that the approximate $200.00 weekly fee for a mid-sized SUV - Even with the cost of gas, is quite a savings!

Also, since you have a car, you can take along a cooler.  Instead of eating all your meals out, you can pack some of your own foods - and especially drinks which can add up in a hurry!

There are some resources on line to help you locate the cheapest gas prices in any area you travel.  http://gasbuddy.com has a really easy to use website, that can help you with that.

There are additional gas savings sites at: http://gasprices.com and http://gaspricewatch.com/new/default_V3.asp

There is also a website to provide helpful tips on saving gas with your driving habits.  It is provided at: http://fueleconomy.gov

Driving at 70 mph rather than 55 mph can cost you 17 percent in lost fuel economy.

Also, rather than staying at a hotel, you may wish to rent a vacation home from an owner.  There are several websites, which provide access to this type of lodging:

http://www.homeaway.com - http://www.vrbo.com - http://www.redweek.com

Another more important tip for a family vacation in a bad economic year, or when you simply wish to set aside funds for a more important goal - such as obtaining a new family home, is to set your sights on a location closer to home, or to go on a camping trip instead.

Perhaps, this year you can decide to delay the luxurious trip to the Bahamas, and opt to head for a campsite in one of California's wonderful state parks and recreation areas instead. 

The greater Sacramento area is particularly blessed with being a short distance to some of the most beautiful and delightful areas on the globe.  Within a couple hours, you can be in Half Moon Bay (campground available), Aptos Beach, Capitola, Bodega Bay - the list goes on and on!

The cost of a campsite is much less expensive than a hotel.  And the savings in gas from staying closer to home can boost the amount available for your new home down payment by a significant amount.

Written for GreatWest GMAC Real Estate
by: Myrl Jeffcoat