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This time of year brings us to the point of being of wanting to be blindly optimistic about the general direction of our socio-economic reality. What else can you do? I am sure most of you are not happy about the bailouts, and the chorus of feed me, feed me.... from all the late to the party opportunity seekers. Many of us have been working ( wow, really working) and been sacrificing and saving. Or should I say SAVING AND SACRIFICING? We have been hoping to navigate through the economic rules and regulations in order to facilitate a successful retirement.

Well, it looks as though the rules are going to change.  Oh, I forot that was the mantra....change. It seems unbelievable to me that most people know that one law of physics dictates that the only constant is change. So, to get caught up with an ambiguous and undetailed plan for change from a politician would bring ridicule instead of success. So change we will have if either of the two major candidates would win. It is all subjective, relative to the person defining what change will mean.
So that means, since things are changing, there is an opportunity for us to make some sound investments and positive times are possibly stright ahead. We live in a great area without most
of the natural disasters that face many of our citizens across the country. There are 953 homes on the market in our mls today. We had sold 772 homes in a one year period from 2008 to the present. While, from 2207 to 2208 in the same time period we sold 1013 homes. It looks like a
24% decline in sales. Considering that the inventory is leveling out, that is not too awful of a position to begin a slow climb. Many areas, of course, are in a lot more negative position. Arizona continues to be a sought after state for relocation. That is another positive factor.

So, I will do my part to remain solidly optimistic. Check out our site at: and give us some consideration if you are relocating. We would love to have you as neighbors.


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