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History is all around us. Sometimes we get curious as to why things are the way they are. For instance I was searching today on-line for some information on the quiet little town of Allyn, Washington, when I ran across a trivia question.

Who or what was Allyn, Washington named for? After some research I found the answer...

"The community was first settled in 1853. The town was platted and papers to form the town were filed on September 6th, 1889.

 The Town was named in honor of Judge Frank Allyn of Tacoma who was influential in the early development of Allyn. Rumor has it though, that he never actually lived or visited Allyn.

By 1890 Allyn had a post office, school, newspaper, sawmill, two saloons, a hotel and wharf.

For a small rural community, Allyn has an interesting and colorful history, some of which is not appropriate for this post. Oh the stories that can be told.

Let's just say to stroll through the streets of this quiet little town today- it is hard to imagine her wild past. Yet the stories are all around us everyday if we just look or listen.The locals have their tales, and there are intriguing clues from secrets that have yet to be told.

One interesting landmark sitting out in the tidelands is a rock located at the north end of Case Inlet with unusual ancient  carvings. I had been told that decades ago scientists had worked to excavate this strange carved rock, and after traveling down hundreds of feet with equipment, they were still locating carvings depicting what were thought to be fish.They were never able to locate the bottom. 

Was the rock deposited by glaciers, were they ancient Indian carvings...or something else we have yet to learn about?

 What secrets are hidden in your town....Do you dare find out?

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Dinah Lee Griffey
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I always enjoy local history. There is a lot you can learn about any town if you dig deep enough-Dinah Lee

Jan 05, 2009 04:43 PM