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       Business Property Insurance

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       Individual Health Insurance

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MANN INSURANCE GROUP was founded in 1976 with the purpose of providing insurance to businesses and families alike.  Our main goal is not to sell clients insurance but rather to embrace the role of a trusted advisor.  MANN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. takes great pride in ensuring that we are here for our clients before our clients need us.                                                            

MANN INSURANCE has a precise order of operations in which we research, develop, and service new business.  Our research will allow us to always have the most current markets for your insurance needs.  We pride ourselves on being the most current agency with respect to insurance markets that we represent.  These markets give MANN INSURANCE the ability to write all types of businesses in all 50 states.

MANN INSURANCE researches, develops and implements the insurance program specifically for our clients needs.  Our 4 step new business process is a proven method to assure customers are covered properly. 

•·         Information Gathering Phase:  This includes the information gathered at the initial meeting all the way to the final gathering via phone, fax, and e mail. 

•·         Marketing Phase:   Allows us to take the information gathered, place it on industry standard Acord applications, and submit it to the various markets that we must approach to secure quotes. 

•·         Proposal/Closing Phase: We complete a professional proposal format and deliver it to the customer with direct input from one of our highly educated insurance professionals.  This proposal will give the insured a feeling of accomplishment as the work we have done together pays off.  The proposal is a true reflection of our work together.  By going through the proposal the insured can see exactly what coverage's they are being quoted, the limits for each coverage part and pricing levels obtained. 

•·         Service Phase:  Here we place the client with a member of our talented service team.  Our account executives are best of class and bring multiple decades of experience to the equation.




Our organization's strategy allows us to cultivate direct business relationships with our three step process of quality of research, development, and implementation which includes the Jack T. Mann IPDE process. 


Step 1:

MANN INSURANCE must know your business in order to provide proper insurance coverage.  Initially, we RESEARCH an organization's facilities, equipment, processes, personnel composition and additional operational factors.  As we gather our data, we then customize options for the organization and provide assistance with questions or concerns that may arise.  As we continue we also RESEARCH the insurance companies that have the specific underwriting appetite for the specific class of business.


Step 2:

MANN INSURANCE now takes any and all information gathered during our research together and places on the industry standard applications.  At this moment we DEVELOP the strategy for marketing the risk to multiple carriers.


Step 3:

Our main concern is not only focused on building our business, but also in building a strong, long-term relationship with our clients.  Once we evaluate all of the risks the customer potentially faces we arrive at the most positive solution for our client.  At this point we IMPLEMENT the program that makes the most sense for our client.


Jack T. Mann IPDE Process:

•1.         Identify client needs through understanding their business through research.

•2.         Predict the various outcomes that put the client in a position of Probably Maximum Loss scenarios.

•3.         Decide collectively through a collaborative effort which outcome is the most advantageous for the client.

•4.         Execute the outcome that has been collaborated upon, and then decided upon.




Heather Mann, President


Heather Mann's insurance experience began in the early 1990's upon her entry into the insurance industry.  Mrs. Mann's chief focus within MANN INSURANCE lies in the responsibility of overseeing the day to day operations for the company.  Her extensive knowledge with insurance coverage, combined with her ability to identify client needs, is Mrs. Mann's primary strength that adds great value to our company.  Mrs. Mann is a graduate of the University of Dayton.


Jack Mann, Director of Business Development


Jack Mann's experience within the insurance industry stems back to 1990.  Mr. Mann's career has included selling and servicing commercial insurance.  Mr. Mann's significant career length has enabled him to obtain a vast amount of knowledge of commercial insurance coverage, as well as the risks clients may encounter.  Similar to his colleague Heather Mann, Mr. Mann is also a graduate of the Commercial Union School for Agents.  He is also a graduate of The Hartford Business Insurance Specialist Program, and The Hartford Cluster Underwriting School.


Jeff Bambalas, Mann Consulting Division


Jeff Bambalas has over 18 years experience in the medical device, medical equipment, and medical repair industry.  His extensive background allow Mann Insurance to utilize the existing relationships to enhance our pursuit of business insurance in the Medical Industry, Building & Development Industry, and the Manufacturing Industry.  Mr. Bambalas has an extensive relationship network which stems well beyond these industries by leaps and bounds.









Barb Hodges, Account Executive


Barb Hodges career within the insurance customer service industry began in 1989.  Her entire career has greatly emphasized certain facets of the insurance industry - specifically commercial lines and serving clients.  Due to her extensive experience and knowledge within the insurance industry, Mrs. Hodges is extremely well-versed in the coverage of business client needs.  Mrs. Hodges is an invaluable asset that adds strength to MANN INSURANCE.



Erik Hatch, Aviation Specialist



Erik Hatch has intimate knowledge of insuring aviation risks.  Erik has owned a business in the aviation parts business for over 15 years as well as working with businesses in the industry. 

Erik has been working with businesses that sell, service, and manufacture aviation parts.  He also works with businesses that own and operate charter planes & jets, private planes & jets, as well as companies that operate skydiving operations.  We look to him for his guidance and advice with respect to any type of aviation coverage.  We are proud and grateful to have him as a member of our new business team.





MANN INSURANCE offers business insurance coverage for all business sectors, focusing on the distinct needs of your business.  We provide solid insurance protection for all business and only recommend AM BEST rated carriers with an A- VII or better.

MANN INSURANCE can hand craft coverage for businesses in one portfolio for every kind of trade, including: wholesalers, retailers, service, and office.  Coverage may include: building and structures, business income and extra expense, business personal property, general liability, newly acquired buildings, outdoor property, EDP equipment coverage, and many more.  We also offer our policies in a package or mono-line.


Business property includes: buildings, machinery, office equipment, inventories, and goods transported over water or on land. 

Important issues that need to be addressed include the following:


MANN INSURANCE offers general liability coverage which provides the insurance protection needed to pay for bodily injury or property damage that arises from the insured's normal operations.  In addition to the limits, the policy provides supplemental payments for attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses associated with a claim.  Coverage includes:

        • Premises/operations
        • Products/completed operations
        • Each occurrence
        • Aggregate coverage







Worker's compensation provides replacement income and medical expense reimbursement to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their occupation.  Because worker's compensation laws are dictated by the state legislatures, benefits vary from state to state.  It is designed to cover most accidents that may occur in the course of employment without regard to fault.  In most cases, if an injured employee receives worker's compensation benefits, they cannot sue their employer.  In most states, compensation is not payable if the injury was due to employee's intoxication, willful intent on employee's part to injure themselves or another, or willful act of a third party for personal reasons concerning the employee. 

•§         Coverage for job-related injury or illness

•§         Replacement income for employees

•§         Medical expense coverage


MANN INSURANCE offers personal and commercial automobile insurance with the option of liability only or liability and physical damage coverage.  The automobile policy may be written with a home or business policy.  Our rates are competitive and carried by more than eight different A rated AM best companies. 


We provide commercial automobile insurance to cover both liability and physical damage exposures.  MANN INSURANCE provides programs with a wide range of primary and excess limits, while offering a variety of deductible options.  Business auto coverage is used by businesses within service firms, retail stores, and manufacturers. 





POLLUTION LEGAL LIABILITY (PLL) - This policy / contract is used to pay for clean-up of the site and third party liability for damages. This provides a financially responsible party to supply the necessary funds for clean-up of existing conditions or future conditions. Limited coverage for underground tanks is available. 

Coverage A: Protects companies against losses which arise from third party claims for bodily injury, property damage, and/or clean up costs, as a result of pollution on, under, or beyond the premises boundaries of the insured property.

Coverage B: Provides for the clean up costs which result from above and below ground contaminants (pollution) which are discovered during the policy period.

Coverage C: Provides defense costs, charges and expenses which arise from the defense of the environmental claim.

ENVIRONMENTAL COST CAP COVERAGE - This policy will provide coverage for the costs incurred from a clean up which is greater than estimated after the site I (Phase I) survey.  Insurance companies are extremely conservative in the underwriting of cost cap coverage, and it is very difficult to get any cost cap coverage to attach below $1,000,000.

Coverage A: Pays for the costs to provide cleanup of the site and all activities which exceed the self insured retention - usually the estimated cleanup value plus a self funded retention (fancy name for a deductible).

Coverage B: Pays for any and all costs which go over the self insured retention for newly discovered pollutants which are discovered during the remediation.








SECURED LENDER COVERAGE - Provides coverage for a debt default when an environmental condition exists. The market for this coverage is limited as to limits and term.   Typically only used when the land and building are the collateral for the loan.  This is typically not utilized on Mezzanine loans when the collateral is shares in the corporation.  Pollution Legal Liability coverage is typically utilized on the Mezzanine loans.  

Coverage A: The policy pays for the outstanding commercial loan balance (at the date of the default) when a loan is defaulted when accompanied by environmental contamination.

Coverage B: Protects collateral by providing coverage for third-party bodily injury, third party property damage and third party claims for cleanup costs resulting from on and off-site pollution conditions at insured properties.

Coverage C: Provides coverage for on or off-site cleanup costs if the insured decides to foreclose on the on the insured property.

FINITE COVERAGE - Combination of Pollution Legal Liability and Environmental Cost Cap coverage.  Finite insurance is typically used on cleanup projects greater than $5 million.   This insurance is used to transfer (for a premium of @ 10.5% of estimated clean up costs) known liabilities to an insurance company.   The carrier calculates the net present value of the estimated cleanup costs over the life of the project.  This amount is placed in an account and the known/expected losses are paid out of the account by the carrier.  Limits are purchased (for additional premium) to provide clean-up for unknown conditions, third party liability for damages and environmental Cost Cap coverage for cost overruns.  This insurance product is typically used when a municipality is interested in a financially stable third party holding the funds, a large public company is interested in transferring contingent liabilities to an insurance company and as a replacement to environmental bonds utilized by the mining and landfill industries.





CONTRACTORS POLLUTION LEGAL LIABILITY/ OWNER CONTROLLED INSURANCE PROGRAM - Used on construction project.  Provides coverage for environmental conditions that occur during and as a result of the project work.  The insurance program can be controlled by the contractor or the property owner.  When the program is controlled by the property owner it can be defined as a "Wrap Up" or "Roll Up".  Carriers are generally more aggressive in providing mold coverage with this product than with the Pollution Legal Liability Coverage. 






















When the time comes to choose health benefits for clients and their families, what counts is how well a group plan accommodates individual personal needs.  MANN INSURANCE can provide a wide array of health insurance choices that can help provide proper coverage for our policyholders. We provide options to choose the plan and types of coverage needed from leading health insurance companies, without the hassles of eligibility and enrollment matters.  Often times, clients can become overwhelmed with acquiring health insurance policies thus in keeping with the MANN INSURANCE promise of ease, we have explained below a few important terms that clients will come across when purchasing health insurance. 

  • HMO

•o        Policyholders agree to use a specific team of healthcare professionals.  In most cases, the policyholder selects one doctor from a list of members who will serve as the primary care physician.  This physician now coordinates the policyholder's healthcare which entails direct treatment, and when necessary, manages referrals to specialists.  The only exception to foregoing a visit with the primary care physician is for visits to an OB/GYN or in an emergency. 

  • PPO

•o        In most cases, the policyholder has the ability to use any doctor or facility of choice, although benefits are higher when a physician or facility is used that belongs to the chosen PPO organization.  All doctors and hospitals within a PPO network have agreed to accept a discounted fee for their services from the plan. 

  • H S A Programs

•o        Health Savings Accounts are the most misunderstood programs in the health industry.  MANN INSURANCE takes the guesswork out of these products.  We believe that by allowing our customers the same kind of information usually reserved for insurance professionals we are giving them the opportunity to learn the same information available to our industry.




MANN INSURANCE helps provide the right health insurance needs for each individual or family.  Our personalized plans help meet family's needs at an affordable price, without sacrificing any benefits.  Our full time health insurance professionals are ready to assist with all HMO and PPO questions that may arise.

Here at MANN INSURANCE we are committed to quality relationships and extensive customer service.  Because of this commitment, we will provide many time saving services such as:


•·         Free Health Insurance Quotes

•·         Assistance with Doctor Selections

•·         Plan Comparison


Our knowledge, combined with our commitment to quality relationships will ensure policyholders receive the best plan according to their needs and wants, at the best price possible.




•o        MANN INSURANCE provides companies with group insurance for as few as two employees to as many as a company may need. Group health insurance is a vital feature of any comprehensive employer benefit plan.  It provides employers with an important means to round out the coverage they offer their staff.   We offer various options that are customized to specific company needs; H S A, HRA, PPO, or HMO's.  We can provide all resources needed to get quality health insurance at an affordable price.  Our staff will assist with tedious tasks such as eligibility, membership changes, and claims. 

Listed below are types of coverage offered with group health insurance:

  • Long Term Disability

•o        Financial coverage is provided to an employee who is unable to work due to an illness or injury (occupational or non-occupational).  Long term disability is funded through a premium based insurance policy or self-funded by the company and managed on an administrative services only basis.  Insurance carriers have specific policies regarding eligibility and claim duration that need to be managed through the disability management plan of the company. 

  • Short Term Disability

•o        Short term disability pays a percentage of an employee's salary if they become temporarily disabled, meaning that they are unable to work for a short period of time due to sickness or injury (excluding on the job injuries, which are covered by worker's compensation insurance).  A typical policy provides a weekly portion of the salary - usually 50%, 60%, or 66 2/3% for 13 to 26 weeks. 

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

•o        Accidental death and dismemberment insurance provides a benefit if the policyholder dies by accidental means or accidentally loses certain specified body parts (leg, arm, etc.). 





MANN INSURANCE can provide protection for our clients' personal assets and liabilities through our personal insurance products we provide.  Our company relies on only top quality and trustworthy carriers, including but not limited to: Travelers, Progressive, Safeco, AIG, and many other carriers.  Working directly with our clients, we have the ability to determine the proper coverage and amounts, while also offering discounts on multi-line policies.  MANN INSURANCE experienced specialists will provide suggestions with minor improvements such as installing smoke detectors or an alarm system within a residence, thereby saving money for our clients.  No matter the situation, MANN INSURANCE is ready to provide an array of options customized to meet the needs of our clients. 


The Homeowners Insurance Policy is a package policy combining coverage for real property, contents, property the home sits on itself and its contents, as well as the liability exposures of those occupying the home.  Two major facets comprise the Homeowners Policy: Section I breaks down the property into coverage areas, and Section II breaks down the liability into coverage areas. 


Automobile Insurance is designed to offer protection from the liability of losses or injury, as well as property damage.  Your car can be protected from losses incurred from an accident (collision), or certain various types of damage (comprehensive).

Liability Coverage

Guidelines for Auto Insurance vary from state to state where they determine if coverage is mandatory and what minimum coverage is required.  The liability sector of the policy provides coverage to protect the insured against a claim or lawsuit for Bodily Injury (BI) or Property Damage (PD) that may occur as a result of negligence while driving an automobile. 




Uninsured Motorist (UM) & Underinsured Motorist (UIM)

Coverage provides protection to the insured when bodily injury is caused by another driver who is not covered by Liability Insurance.  Underinsured Motorist coverage provides protection when bodily injury is caused by a person who carries liability coverage but whose policy limits do not cover the full amount of the loss. 

Physical Damage Coverage

This portion of the policy protects the insured vehicle from loss due to damage or theft and it extends to temporary substitute vehicles.  Collision and Comprehensive losses are covered, as well as losses including fire, theft, weather, etc.  Policies include a deductible which represents the amount of loss needed to be paid before insurance payments commence. 


MANN INSURANCE offers excess liability with extra coverage's such as directors and officers liability and uninsured motorists.  This enables us to provide coverage above and beyond home and auto liability with low rates and deductibles. 


We provide coverage for various inland marine exposures.  MANN INSURANCE will help select the policy that best fits needs and coverage may include tools and test equipment, mobile units, transportation, installation, etc. 








Often times, the decision to purchase a life insurance policy follows events such as a marriage or birth of a child, however, this important decision should be made prior to these joyous occasions.  We will discuss the various life insurance options and put your worries at ease. 


MANN INSURANCE helps provide the right health insurance needs for each individual or family.  Our personalized plans help meet families needs at an affordable price without sacrificing any benefits.  Our fulltime health insurance professionals are ready and able to assist clients with all HMO and PPO questions that may arise.  We are committed to quality relationships and extensive customer service.  Because of this commitment, we will provide many time saving services such as:

•·         Free health insurance quotes

•·         Assistance with doctor selections

•·         Plan comparisons

Term Life Insurance

The policy provides a death benefit but lacks cash buildup and/or an investment component.  The premium remains constant only for a specified term of years and the policy has the option for renewal at the end of each term. 

Whole Life Insurance

The policy is enforced for the insured's whole life as long as the scheduled premiums are maintained.  All whole life policies build up cash values and most whole life policies are guaranteed as long as the scheduled premiums are maintained.  The variable in a whole life policy is the dividend paid out by the insurance company, which varies depending on the company's success.  If the company is doing well and is not experiencing a higher mortality than projected (for group customers), premiums are paid back to the policyholder in the form of dividends. 










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