It's not such a thankless job after all

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I had a RESPA signing last night out in Peyton, Colorado.  It was cold, and it snowed recently -- the kind of conditions that make people appreciate the warmth and comfort of their home.

Colorado Springs to PeytonThe borrower had just come home from work and was preparing dinner.  In a little while the food would be ready and he would have a chance to eat.  The last thing he would want to do is get out in the cold and drive somewhere to sign loan documents.

He didn't have to.

As I was gathering the documents and preparing to leave, he expressed how amazingly convenient it was.  He asked if he could also have someone come to his home to do his closing.  I can't make any assurances, so I told him to speak with his loan officer.   The title company that contacted me to do the signing said that I would also be called to do the closing.  I couldn't tell the borrower that because anything can happen.  I might not be available on that day.


Even if I don't meet with him again, it made me feel good knowing that he really appreciated the service, and that he was thankful. 

And that's what makes doing this job worth it.

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