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The wind blows and the snow swirls across the beaches as I drive toward my office in Falmouth. MA where I List and Sell Real Estate. (www.peterhawley.com)  I was listening to the morning news and quickly switched on some music, I just could not take it any more. The constant assault upon my ears of negative stories about every conceivable subject, made me think that I must be missing something that I just have not experienced.

93% of the population, have not lost their jobs.

Millions of people pay their mortgage, car payment and other bills on time every month.

There is money to lend, interest rates are reaching their lowest point in years, most sellers are making a profit when they Sell, and are making good financial decisions when they Buy.

Millions of people live within their budget, save money, and continue to invest in their future.

Small business's are thriving, when they offer value and excellent service to their customers.

The sun continues to rise each morning and set each evening, the tide ebbs and flows, and the ferry from Woods Hole makes it's run to Martha's Vineyard right on schedule.

Sure there are challenges, there are those who have not made wise financial decisions,  there are those who are feeling economic pressure, there are those who must come to grips with their situation, but this has always been the way of the world.

One can choose to look at the glass as half empty or see that in fact the glass is half full, and I choose to begin each day with an optimistic view point and am prepared to assist those who wish to see the opportunity available each day and seize it. I agree with my partner Barbara L. Bauer (bbauer@jackconway.com), that Optimists have twice as many goods days as Pessimists.

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Mirela Monte
Buyers' Choice Realty - North Myrtle Beach, SC
Myrtle Beach Real Estate

You, sir, have just earned a special invitation to join The Optimist Group.   Please submit this blog to our group after joining; it's perfect for us!  (you can post each blog to five groups, and this will increase your readership and your comments).

Perception is everything and what's more important is that it's self-actualizing.  If you see the glass as half full and you are grateful for it, you'll just have more good things come your way that you'll be grateful for. 

Keep up the good attitude; it's contagious!

Jan 06, 2009 01:09 AM