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It's rough selling a home. So I've complied a list of things that should probably make your process a little smoother. While my words aren't the end all be all of home selling, I'm sure you can get some good use of this advice.

1. List it: Home sellers should research and interview agents and choose the best one to suit their needs, market the property accordingly, and advise the best selling price. It is always good to leave the selling in the hands of a professional. Homes with agent representation selling quicker than those sold by owner.

2. Inspect it: Make sure to get an inspection of the property. This can uncover any problems that may interfere with closing. Be careful in choosing an inspector. Hopefully your real estate agent will have a reputable inspector on their team who will very carefully inspect your property. Once the property is inspected, sellers should make the necessary repairs and keep the inspection report, along with documented proof of any recent repairs available for potential buyers.

3. Appraise it: There is often conflict between agents and sellers regarding the asking price for the property. To elimate the conflict, if any, have your property appraised, it will save alot of time and energy. It may be better to have your property appraised before consulting an agent. An appraisal and inspection report avaiable to potential buyers puts you ahead of the game and makes you look more spectacular than your competition. Properties priced accordingly sell quicker. It is wise to be realistic when pricing your property. If your property is priced too high, the sale will crumble even if you find a buyer willing to pay your asking price because mortgage companies will not lend higher than the appraised value. Now, if we can get a miracle buyer who is willing to pay cash for an overpriced property, you're in luck but remember, what seems too good to be true, probably is.

4. Stage it: This is a wonderful step in selling your home. A property that is priced right and shows like a model home will sell quicker and for more money. Don't believe me, check it out!

Here's a few more pointers:

  • Be realistic in your home selling approach. Take yourself out of the equation and look at your home through the eyes of the buyer. Would you pay your asking price for your property? Would you buy your home in it's current condition? Make a list of the things would look for when purchasing property and honestly answer your own questions then make adjustments.
  • Be a part of the selling process. Make sure you have an agent who let's you be interactive. Assist your agent in making your selling an event that everyone should know about. Assist your agent in making your home well known on the market. Ask how you can help.
  • Make sure to have your agent go through all contracts thoroughly. Ask questions! Ask questions! Ask questions! Make sure all of your contracts are loophole proof and make sure your agent gives you a copy of all deadlines! A poorly written contract can lead to trouble in your future. You are paying for a service so take full advantage of it.
  • Make showings convenient. You're trying to sell your house, make sure to give your agent a key for showings when your are not home. Lack of availability can leave your home on the market longer than it needs to be.
  • Listen to your agent. He/She knows best. If you ever question any advice or activities, check with the broker.
  • Take heed to feedback. After showings and open houses, there will probably be feedback on your home. Buyers and other agents will provide helpful feedback on the showing. Listen, evaluate, and make proper adjustments. Hey, have your agent invite them back after you're done. Another look may be more appealing and lead to an offer.
  • Examine all offers and be careful to choose the best one. Beware of the, "Let's just close this thing now so I can get paid agent." If your agent suggests an offer, have him/her explain why that is the best one. Remember, your settlement should be in YOUR best intrest, not your agent's.

That's all for now folks. Hope this was helpful. Happy Selling!


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