I will succeed in 2009

Real Estate Sales Representative with Re/Max Central

As I sit at my computer coughing my lungs out with Bronchitis I feel the urge to reflect on yesterday, today and tomorrow in Real Estate. Having said that, I really wonder why customers are not banging down doors to buy homes. In our market outside Philadelphia Pa., we are in good shape! Not a lot of foreclosures or short sales. Our market prices are lower but not significantly. Yet, the buyers are not coming. Do you think it's all the hype on TV and the media? It can't be the interest rates cause those are great. It can't be price because the prices are terrific. It can't be supply because we have a good inventory. Who wants to rent? Gosh I thought everyone wanted to be able to paint where they live any color they want. And we all know this is not possible renting.

So I have decided that this is all a mob mentality. Meaning everyone does what everyone else does. When it was hot people bought who didn't even need to. Just because everyone else was.

So in conclusion I have decided that my goal for 2009 has changed.  In the 80's the interest were 14% and I still sold homes. With this in mind I now know that I can achieve my financial goal this year. And I will do this with tenacity and education and never giving up.

So with that being said I should end this romp and get on to some serious educating.

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