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We all eventually woke up this past weekend and realized that the holiday season is behind us. Of course, different celebrations will go on throughout this new year. I was very happy to see 2008 go to rest. The last few months were a flurry of bad news and fewer opportunities for anyone. Now, with the New Year comes a clean slate and let's get going with our plans.

There was an article in the Toronto Star on Saturday that was very interesting to me and my business. It related to House Inspections of brand new homes. Because I was a Buyer Agent for a lovely family in December of just such a home, I feel I could comment on this.

In case you didn't read the article or if you don't get the Toronto Star, I will just point out some specifics to make this article shorter:

A family was living in a "luxury" townhouse in Uxbridge for almost a year. They didn't think that anything could be wrong with their home. Their parents (and we know that parents don't know too much) have bought and sold property over the years suggested that they fill out the 1-Year Tarion New Home Warranty Report and list any issues.

Because neither of the young people had much knowledge or experience with home building or repairs, they hired a home inspector to have a look. "We wanted to make sure we caught everything but we're not handy, " says Buyer. "The home inspector found a number of things we never would have noticed. The stuff he found came as a surprise."

The most significant defect found was that the clothes dryer hadn't been vented properly, thus was not blowing outdoors but into insulation, which could have eventually caused a moisture and mould issue. He also noted that the plumbing to a toilet in a seldom-used second bathroom wasn't on the right angle for flushing, that a promised rough-in for an electrical fan for the fireplace was not completed and that attic insulation had been flattened in places. My words --"Welcome to the New Home Buying Process".

Most builders will come in and repair deficiencies just so that they keep their reputation clean. But if you don't point things out to them, they will never know and you could go on living with problems that you don't even know about.

This is the same situation that I was in a month ago. The home was only a month old and my buyers were questioning the cost of the house inspection and also whether they should even do one. Their question was, "What could possibly be wrong with a brand new home?" However, they did follow my suggestion and low and behold guess what -- there was no cold air return on the second floor which is a code violation. There was nothing else wrong with the home but because we found this flaw we quickly informed the selling agent and the sellers informed the builder who came in and repaired the problem before we signed off on the purchase. It was very simple, the cold air return was there but the workers had dry-walled over it.

In both of these situations, the house inspection was well worth it. Most buyers believe that new homes are perfect. I have yet to see a "perfect" home, irregardless of the age.

I always advise on a home inspection. It is a cost that is very worthwhile, especially when you are making such a large financial purchase. Know up front what needs to be done and approximately how much it will cost you to repair. Let me do the negotiating regarding all this.

There are different home inspectors, and I can advise you on who to hire and I can also give you names of inspectors that you can interview. Inspectors now require a RHI designation which would mean that they are registered.

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