Free Florida Sunshine !!!!

Real Estate Agent with Paul R Straubinger

 We are currently experiencing a warm winter here  South Florida warmer than most. The days have been in  the mid 80s and I was showing property both a week before and a week after the Christmas holidays with clients  running around in shorts.  As the economy slides this year has been a record high for clients coming down from the north, leaving their winter coats, snow shoes and depression behind.  There is much to be said about the sun and its healing powers.  I am fortunate to live here year round and I guess I take it for granted when I have to turn on my AC but those clients coming down from NY with a tumbling financial economy I guess the sun warms them up and soothes them.  We at   will help those moving from up north the perfect little destination with only having to walk a few steps.  A few steps outside the backyard of ther waterfront home and being able to sit outside and let nature heal their emotions, so they and take in all the glory that the simple things in life can bring them for free. Now thats healing treat yourself good today life is hard enough, take time to bask in your glow, and learn to ease your mind.   The staff at Boca Executive can help you too relax, leave the driving to us and let us show you around Jupiter and everything it has to offer including a free ray of sunshine beaming on your face and warming you.

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