Put on Your Big Girl Panties or Thongs and get in the game.

Real Estate Agent with Paul R Straubinger

Okay girls her it goes ...why are some of you discounting  yourselves... do we see male Realtors getting pushed around like this? Well in my mind ...  not as much...  SO girlies pull up your big girl panties or thongs  and get in the game.  I can not remember a single time in my life when one man has a approached another man and said I think we should chair the event for the school bake sale. Men and society just expect women to give freely of their time without a cost. Well all I can say is I know I am a better, team player first of all, because I want to leave my competition in the mudd, AND I can multi task , nurture and truely care for my clients. Those are gifts women are born with.   We as women want to get a task completed so we check it off our list and move on to the next task.  I have a hard time just picturing asking my husband to pick up three items at a grocery store on his way home from, with his child, and then come home to cook diner, and chair a charity ball.  If I can have him accomplish one item I feel blessed and it would not be diner! Sometimes I wonder if  they intentionally screw things up, this way they assume I would never ask them to do this task again.  Well I am sick of doing it all, and  I am sick of the sacrafices of my time.  Today I put on my big girl thong with its lace (under my skirt) and walked out the door, knowing that the customer should actually pay me more for the job I do.  I am a  shrink, financial adviser, marketing genius, printer, stager, taxi driver, tour guide, negotiator, and closer and you want me to discount my rate out of good will hehehe....  Lets actually talk about that ..lets see a marketing degree is worth what... well maybe you dont want me to market your house thats fine, oh and if we take that out we might as well take out the your printing costs, and my time planning and hosting an open house with food. Lets see does that do it for you ..have we decided to just simply slap a sign on the house and keep our fingers crossed, or would you like to change your mind and pay me what your our shrink charges you too. Women we have more than earned our commissions So go ahead and charge Full price they are still getting a bargain and dont forget someone needs to pay for those fancy lace panties you put on everyday! Renee Straubinger is a licensed agent with www.CobblestoneFL.com where her clients always get more than they pay for.

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