Heating up the cold market in Del Ray & Old Town Alexandria VA.

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams

January 2009

 Damn it's cold here in Del Ray. Forget walking anywhere! I'm taking the Benz!!!! Sweet William was not happy to go for walkies this A.M. It is a good thing he is a Chihuahua. A small dog is A. easy to drag out of the house to walk and B. easy to put out a puppy pad for, when you give in to big puppy eyes and not make him potty out side.

I know this market here in Alexandria VA. is on the steady up. We manged to keep our heads, we weathered 2008 with little carnage. The interest rates are looking good for FHAs. Jumbos and standards are there for the qualified. And, guess what? You don't have to sell your first born to qualify. You do have to be realistic about how much house you can afford. That's what nice about Del Ray Rosemont Mt Ida and all of Alexandria. We have houses townhouses duplexes and condos in prices for most anyone. Come on over I'll find you a place to call your own. If it's still this cold we can start at the office. The coffee is great. Polite dogs welcome.

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