Will You Find Used Kid Clothes & Toy Sales After Feb 9th?

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I sure hope I can still sell and buy used kids clothes and toys.  I am a mother of 2 boys that grow like weeds and they love a toy just before they move on to something new which is not long enough. 

According to an article in the LA Times, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which was passed by Congress last year will take effect on Feb 10, 2009.  This was in response to the recalls of lead and lead based paints in children's toys.   

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, requires children's toys and clothes, really anything that is intended for Children under the age of 12, be tested and verified that it has been tested and meets the requirements set forth on a progressive time line.  This has many small clothing companies preparing to close their doors due to the costly nature of the testing.   

With the retroactive application of the law, how will it be enforced?  How will it impact EBay, CraigsList, and yard sales?  Many consignment stores and thrift stores are scrabbling.  According to the LA Times article, Goodwill is still investigating how it will affect them.

I have put links to the LA Times article and the Consumer Product Safety Commission here. 



I am thrilled that these regulations will have a positive impact in keeping our children safe.  There has to be a balance and a plan.  I am not sure what either are.  There is not enough communication out there to really be educated.  How will we keep it green with all these products ending up in a landfill?  Many families are stretched financially already, and now they won't be able buy gently used toys and clothes... There is a whole industry dedicated to selling and coordinating used children items.  What's the impact?

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