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To Spend Or Not To Spend On Marketing..............?

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After this crazy year of 2008, so many of my family members, friends and clients have asked me how I decide if I will continue to spend what I usually do on marketing expenses and event sponsorship, in a year "like last year and like this year".  In 2008, even though it was at times painful, I decided to spend more than I ever had before, on event sponsorship for the community that I work in and you know what, it paid off!  I was deeply grateful for the business that I had and my clients and community members were the most grateful that I had ever seen them before, for the money that I spent.  Never before had a fresh grilled hot dog that I made on the 4th of July, been so appreciated as a year like last year.  So I am thankful that I spent money to appreciate my loyal clients and I believe that it will pay off in the future!  Here's wishing a prosperous, encouraging, 2009 to all of us who have been challenged by last year, but have come through it and are looking for the positive outcome of our investments.  Nothing like connecting with and appreciating the clients who support us as we all struggle together and look for the good fortunes that this new year can bring!

Happy New Year!