Deadly Distractions- Dangers of Driving While Using Cell Phone

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According to Jason Saunders and Michael Kelley of the Alabama Rural Electric Association.. Cell Phones and Radios are among the major causes of highway crashes.

When Pilots are being trained,they are often told "first, you aviate, then you navigate." That is good advice for flying and for driving. It's a reminder worth repeating to yourself if you if you find you are becoming distracted at the wheel.

Distracted Driving is a common cause of accidents. The term "distracted driving" refers to anything that takes your eyes or mind off the road.

When driving,do you ever Tune the radio Eat drink or smoke? Pick something up from the floor or between the seats? Read, write? Reach for the glove compartment? Tall on the cell phone? Put on makeup,shave or polish your nails? If you answered yes to any of those questions,you are driving while distracted and you are at risk of an accident.

Driver inattention is a major contributor to highway crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at least 25 percent of police reported crashes involve some form of driver inattention. That's more than 1.5 million collisions a year, and more than 4,300 crashes a day.

Be careful to avoid being distracted by a GPS if you are a beginner.That cool new touchscreen, all of those menu options- don't let them take your eyes and attention off the road! Stay focused and pay attention.

If you need to use your cell phone, pull off the road and stop in a safe place before using your phone.

Stay safe!

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