Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Impact

Because of my involvement in single family rentals, I have been ask to beta test software which will analyze properties as to their investment potential. This is free to me and up to 20 investors who are computer savvy and want to help test this software.  I've tried it and it's so easy a caveman could do it!  If you are interested, read the email which I will send Friday titled "Investors Only".  This program is only for long term residential rentals, not speculation or flipping. There are opportunities there also, but this software is designed to analyze rentals.  

This program will analyze a property once you have plugged in the purchase price, interest rate, down payment.  It does the rest... shows you the rentals in the area and how much the rents are. It calculates the rent you can charge and calculates the return.  Obviously, it is a sophisticated program to stay on top of the rental rates in every neighborhood and which properties are rentals.  Big brother is watching. Scary ain't it?

Next week I'll write on the State of Real Estate.  2008 stats and forecast for 2009.

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