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I'm a great believer in free publicity and finding some way to stand out from the crowd.  In a Baltimore magazine called Urbanite, the August 2006 issue published a letter I wrote, and under my signature was a note saying I'm a real estate agent.  That letter got the magazine interested in writing a story about me.  I got a call this week from an interne who's been assigned to write the story and I invited her to come on the tour of Baltimore that I did yesterday.  Spending a day with me on a motor coach allows the writer to interview participants who've come on the tour, and get their reactions to my work as a tour guide.  She can see first-hand how I handle the myriad tasks of touring, directing the bus driver, answering questions, narrating, discussing the historical and economic issues in the city, architectural styles of Baltimore row houses, the impact of new residential development on the waterfront as well as in the older neighborhoods, timing the tour, getting 38 people into and out of the restaurant on time, and much more.  I wanted participants to have a copy of the letter I wrote to take home and read, and intended to make 38 copies of my letter to Urbanite magazine.  Urbanite likes nothing better than having people read its magazine, so the writer showed up with 38 copies which I gave out at the end of the tour, and asked people to turn to my letter, which they seemed eager to do.   

I have the feeling that buying and selling real estate is one of the most memorable things people do in life.  I want clients to place a high value in their choice of  a realtor.  I hope that they will choose me because they know of my encyclopedic knowledge of Baltimore, my many local contacts whom they will want to know, too, and my passion and great love for the city, which they experienced first hand while touring with me.  I suggest that people go to Google, type my name and DUCK!  Whether this approach works or not remains to be seen.  Readers of this blog will be the first to know!