Realtors: Stop Stealing my Photos.

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I am done being nice.

Ok, so I take decent photos.

Does that mean another listing agent has the right to steal my photos? No? The ownership remains with the photographer, not with MRIS. You can not just lift another agent's photos.

Today, and I wish I could list the Realtor's name (Tony Arko reminded me that it would be Realtor violation) stole my photos. Not only did he steal my photos, I emailed him a month ago to take down the photos.

He got the email and ignored it (he told me that). His excuse was that his client emailed him the photos. Um! So when I tell you they are stolen, you are just going to keep using them?

I think about 7 Realtors now have stolen my photos. I need to talk to Lenn Harley who sues people if they don't stop using her maps. Lenn, can you put a link below to your blog posts on the money you have received from people stealing your stuff?

Below are 2 frequently stolen photos. I added my logo on it. Too bad MRIS doesn't allow us to add our logo to photos uploaded to the MLS.


Worth stealing?




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Rebecca Savitski
BSR Real Estate Group - Cary, NC
NC Real Estate Listings

You do take a great photo! For what its worth!

Jan 07, 2009 09:52 AM
Robert May
Robert W May - Lethbridge Real Estate - Lethbridge, AB
Real estate consulting

I share your disappointment in our industry members who steal even the poorest of the MLS photos which I used back in 1993.  Is it really that much work to take your own pics?!!!?

Jan 07, 2009 09:57 AM
Petra Norris
Lakeland Real Estate Group, Inc. - Lakeland, FL
Realtor, Lakeland FL Homes for Sale

Frank - This happened to me too and made me really angry. I called the board about it and nothing was done. Hope you have better luck in pursuit of your rights.

Jan 07, 2009 10:46 AM
Kym Hough
www.Staged-to-Sell - Danville, CA
Staged to Sell East Bay - Danville, CA

Stealing of any kind is just bad news. Great photos. I always wonder why people that steal just don't take the the time to learn the craft to do it themselves or hire some one to do them! I hear you. Kym

Jan 07, 2009 11:55 AM
Myrick Tantiado
Alain Pinel Realtors - San Francisco, CA

I hope that you are able to get quick recourse to the realtors that had stolen your pics.  Best of luck to you.

Jan 07, 2009 05:15 PM
Mark Organek
And the United States of America - Mesa, AZ
It's not a game, it's your life.

Shame on them for using someone else's work AFTER a request was made to cease.

Jan 07, 2009 05:45 PM
Barbara Chandler

I'm with CB in California.  Here it is considered a violation to lift others' we have a 'report a violation' button on the screen showing the listings.  I'm on them like white on rice when they use my photos.  I email the agent with cc to the local board.  I usually make a 'professional' request before I threaten bodily harm !! :-)  If your board is proactive, try it. Such a lack of professionalism is absurd.


Jan 09, 2009 02:36 AM
FRANK LL0SA Esq.- Northern Virginia Broker .:.
Northern Virginia Homes - FRANKLY REAL ESTATE Inc - Arlington, VA

Thanks Barbara.

Our board does not care about stuff like this (or much).

I have been trying to get on the board.


Jan 09, 2009 02:41 AM
Mullet Guy

I think I know where you got the third photo!  If you look real close, there are three people in the pool holding up 1-0-2-1, and one of them is Frank.

Jan 26, 2009 02:29 PM
Johnathan Mullaney
Village Land Shoppe - Flagstaff, AZ
Broker, Flagstaff Real Estate

nope, you have copyright rights, just give them notices. I hate it too, I called my local board and they wouldn't do anything.


Jan 31, 2009 09:19 AM