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We have launched Dream Living Realty!

Ok we did it a month ago, but as is evidenced by the business and not getting to the blog, it has been a very successful launch. That's right, Jamie Dawson, Ginger Wilson and I have launched Dream Living Realty and with the help of our awesome agents this January has been the best month we have recorded in the last 6 months. So much for a downturn and the dead winter season.

For those of you Realtors out there thinking about making the leap, it is not as difficult as one might think. But in the same breadth, I certainly under estimated the amount of work involved to get everything up and running. However, we continued to focus on current business first, making sure all of our clients were serviced and we unpacked boxes and setup in the ne digs over the holiday.

Get ready world, because not only are we "Living the Dream", we plan to have all of our clients Living the Dream with us. Here's to the successful launch of Dream Living Realty (The first, chapter 1, volume 1, ok I might be getting a little ahead of myself).

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