2009 home buying trends?

Real Estate Agent with Buyer's Choice Realty

For an interesting read and one broker’s opinion about home buyers this year, head over to REALTYTIMES®. Author Mark Nash, a real estate practitioner in the Chicago area, has done a concise job summarizing what is in and out for home buyers. According to his bio on the site, Nash has been doing his year-end “What’s in, what’s out for homebuyers” series for some years and has been featured on television and in print.

One of the ‘what’s in’ headlines surprises me and I’m not entirely confident it applies to the majority of real estate agents. The headline: Real estate agents as a housing resource, not a salesperson. While we at Buyer’s Choice Realty act as consultants to our clients, there is still evidence that the vast majority of agents care much more about getting sales than helping people, providing them with solid information, and educating them realistically, especially when such information may cause a prospective purchaser to hold off on buying a piece of property.

I hope this trend is changing, because consumers have the right to be educated about purchasing real estate, and need to know that it may not be right for them at this time based on their income, job safety, budgeting, etc.

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