How can you make profit by matching sellers that can't sell with buyers that can't buy?

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Solution: We will buy the house and take a loan on our name for the benefit of the Buyer.

Here is a case that we are solving this days in California:

The seller:
He is a Builder that have in  inventory a brand new single family house
Value: $960,000

The Buyer:
He own 2 business, he is ready with money down for 20% + closing cost, his gross income is $600,000 a year.
BUT... He can NOT qualify for a loan.

We are buying the house from the seller at discount and we will get the loan on our name for the benefit of the buyer.
Basically we are acting as a glue between the seller and the buyer.

The Broker:
In this particular case will make in CASH at the closing $52,800.00

I am sure You can do the same!!!!

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