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   Every year in late December I sit down and write a new business plan for the upcoming year. I write down what I have and have not accomplished in the year that's about to expire, as well as what I MUST ACCOMPLISH IN THE NEW YEAR. By doing this, I create my road map as to where I want to be and most importantly, how am I going to get there.

   This year as I pondered my past goals, I decided that I needed to prioritize my projects by breaking them into smaller tasks. I needed to realize that some things that I do or need to do during my day requires more attention than others. This year, before I start my day, I take 10-15 minutes while I'm drinking my coffee to strategize my day. So far, it's working.

   I also needed to avoid interruptions during my day. In order to do this, I allow my voice mail answer my calls, allowing me to screen them several times throughout the day. Yes, if I'm expecting the important return call, I do pick up. Controlling my interruptions thus far has allowed me to be more productive, thus far.

    Most important, I'm known as the "yes guy". I never say no to anyone's request for assistance. That's also changed in 2009.

    Most of us have probably broken our resolutions already. I'm trying hard not to break any of the above, and it has allowed me to procrastinate less. The more that I get done, the more that I earn, and earning more definitely motivates me, how about you? 

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