Special offer

In need of ideas from my bretheren. . .

Real Estate Agent with EastKy HomeFinders, Inc. (EKHF)

Alrighty, here is the deal.  I have two new construction modular homes in a semi-upscale family neighborhood that is a mix of mods and stick built.

It took the sellers nearly 2 years to get these homes finished due to changing generals, running out of money, getting new financing and finding new contractors.  They were finished in August 2008.

When they started the homes two years ago, the neighborhood was hot, happening and moving.  The welcome mat has since rolled up as the economy went down the drain.

The houses are to be auctioned by absolute auction in March, but the bank wants me to continue agressively marketing the property.

Here is where I need help from you Out Of The Box thinkers!  Please throw out your ideas from the standard - price reduction, to the sublime - giving it away to a homeless shelter for the tax right off.

Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!!!