WARNING!: January 2009 - Online Foreclosure Leads

Services for Real Estate Pros with eSourceAgent.com

We are currently generating thousands of leads for the foreclosure market at a very good $/lead.  We have received feedback on these leads from our advertisers across the nation.  We are seeing great results for generating contactable leads, however, a common theme is that many are from unqualified, "unrealistic" buyers.  These leads will require extra effort from agents to qualify them and put the rest in a long-lead contact system.  The good news is - these buyers will eventually become qualified buyers - keep in touch with them

In the mean time for those that need a higher percentage of shorter-lead contacts we are working on an investor campaign with a MicroSite as an addition to our LeadPro system. We are hoping to capture more qualified individuals looking for the "good real estate deals".  If you are currently running a foreclosure campaign and are interested in switching your ad funds to an investor campaign let us know.  Thanks!

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